G.Gerlach watches

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  • 303. Fighter Squadron

    The watch was made with a bit refurbished 6B/159 specification. During production of the watch we based on experiences from the first edition, but we were following the directions of users of the watch. Second edition of the watch is equipped with a bigger case (43 mm) and automatic Seiko/TMI movement.
  • An-2 Antek

    An-2 Antek

    Wodoodporny zegarek z kopertą ze stali chirurgicznej. Szkło szafirowe, pokryte jednostronnie powłoką antyrefleksyjną.
  • An-2 Chronograph

    The legend is back in the skies! In a new version and strictly limited!
  • Bathyscaphe

    Zegarek dostępny w czterech wersjach kolorystycznych, z kopertą ze stali chirurgicznej i szafirowym szkłem.
  • CWS Sokol 1000

    CWS Sokol 1000 is a legendary motorbike designed and produced in Poland before The Second World War. It was one of the most perfect motorbikes of its times. Production and development of CWS Sokol 1000 was interrupted by the war, despite this it became a symbol of legendary design and unrivaled engineering in pre-war Poland. Our watch is a tribute for CWS Sokol 1000 engineers. It a chronograph with a crown and pushers on the top of the case. Strong colors highlight its sport nature.
  • CWS T1

    This bullhead-cased chronograph watch surely is a conversation starter!
  • Dragon / Dragon Lady

    For Her and for Him. Uncompromised gallantry. Check it out now!
  • Enigma

    1,699.00 1,828.00 
    This watch is our tribute for Marian Rejewski, Jerzy Różycki and Henryk Zygalski and their team who changed the face of the world we live. The Enigma is the second watch with this name in our collection. This time decided to use TMI / Seiko NH 36A automatic movement.
  • Generał Sosabowski Market Garden

    1,800.00 1,929.00 
    Soldiers of the 1st Independent Parachute Brigade were using a gray berets - in this color is the face of our watch. The watch will be with Seagull ST2533 movement with 24-hours hand module, reserve indicator, subsecond.
  • Hussar

    1,950.00 2,059.00 
    In 2013 we started a contest for young designers – students of art. The goal was to make a design of the watch which should be a tribute to the polish most famous cavalry – the Hussars.
  • Zegarek kosmonauta


    Our new project is based on our memories from our childhood. This kind of watch was a dream all over the Poland – it was the first electronic watch made in our country. It was so modern that polish first man in space took this watch on board soviet Soyuz spacecraft during his mission.
  • Zegarek Lux-Sport


    1,499.00 1,828.00 
    PZInż Lux-Sport watch is cased it with elegant, 40 mm sized case, with screwed crown to secure 100 m water ressistance. Cese brushed with polished bezel. Domed sapphire crystal with internal, one sided anti-reflecting coating to make daily usage comfortable. Automatic movement delivered with hacking, hand winding, and Big Date display. Power reserve of more then 45 hours.