This bullhead-cased chronograph watch surely is a conversation starter!

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The 1920s are an extraordinary period in the history of Poland.
These are the first years of regained independence, which initiated the extraordinary development of technology and achievements of Polish engineers and scientists.
The CWS T-1 car was constructed by Eng. Tadeusz Tański in the years 1922-1924.
Already in 1925, a completely new engine was ready, the tests of which began on a replacement chassis, and in 1925 it was installed in the newly created under the direction of Eng. Władysław Mrajski prototype.

After only two years, in 1927, the entire program was ready for mass production.
This extremely bold design stood out from the competition due to well-thought-out operational values, including the absolutely pioneering use of only one screw size in the construction of the entire car – M10 (except for the M18 candle thread). Thanks to this, the whole car – including the engine – could be dismantled and reassembled using a single spanner and a screwdriver …
It was an extraordinary achievement in the scale of a young country, and serial production soon reached hundreds of copies released in five body versions.
Unfortunately, the country’s automotive industry absorbed this project as a result of licensing provisions with FIAT, which did not want to tolerate local competition …
Our hero cannot disappear from the pages of history forgotten, which is why we resurrect him here and now.
We present you the G Gerlach CWS T-1 watch.
It is a mechanical hand-wound chronograph, maintained in the atmosphere of the era of great development of the automotive industry. It draws from our well-received CWS Sokół 1000 model and other motorsport watches from our collection.
The uniqueness of the pioneering Polish constructions of the era is reflected in the unusual, three-part case mounted with screws.
The use of the “bull’s head” concept attracts attention, stands out on the market and makes the watch unique.
Enamel dials in deep and intense shades of white and black, two case colors, make the whole series as universal and versatile as the car they commemorate.

Technical specification

Bull head case, 40×48 mm
sapphire glass
100m water resistance
Manual winding movement, chronograph
Leather belt
Additional transparent lid
Lux class wooden box

Additional information

Face color

Black, White

The case

Pozłacana, Steel

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