But the most difficult task was to break German codes in real time or in very short period of time. Polish cryptologists designed “cryptologic bomb” – the electromechanical device which could break Enigma cipher automatically. It was in October of 1938. The war was very close. On 25 July 1939, five weeks before outbreak of World War II Polish Cipher Bureau invited representatives of French and British military intelligence, which had been unable to make any headway against Enigma, to the secret facilities near Warsaw. Poles decided to share the technology and equipped French and British colleagues with a “bomb” prototype.

During the war allied intelligence developed and improved the technology of “bombs” in Bletchley Park facility. Breaking of Enigma was a one of the most important milestones in allied victory of World War II.

This watch is our tribute for Marian Rejewski, Jerzy Różycki and Henryk Zygalski and their team who changed the face of the world we live.

The Enigma is the second watch with this name in our collection. This time decided to use TMI / Seiko NH 36A automatic movement.

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