Generał Maczek

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Klasyczny wzór zegarka z epoki, z emaliowana tarczą, platerowanymi wskazówkami, i wyróżniającym indeksem “12” – kto wie czy bardzo podobnego nie nosił sam Generał?


General Stanisław Maczek is one of the most brilliant figures associated with the glory of the Polish armed forces. His life was as difficult as Polish affairs, his love for his homeland was unwavering, and his attitude was unwavering until his death.

His military career began during the Great War, where he fought on the Russian and Italian fronts - in the Carpathians and Alps.

This was done by the reborn Polish Army whenever such an opportunity was available, specified in each of the actions whose participation was specified. He commanded the first Polish motorized control unit - the 10th Cavalry Brigade.

After the September defeat, he got to France, where he joined the allies.

Its defeat forced him to wade in disguise through the countries of Saharan Africa, to Scotland.

Finally, getting to England, he lost command of the 10th Cavalry Brigade, later transformed into the 1st Armored Division.

Hero of the battles of Falais, Ypres and Breda, the battle trail of the surrender of the German naval fortress of Wilhelmshaven, and ultimately the rank of major general.
The post-war years perfectly reflect the fate of many wandering Poles, thrown into the pile of war and events in which they were not allowed to make final decisions - he spent the rest of his life in Scotland, working ad hoc as a salesman and bartender.

Deprived of his citizenship by the communist authorities of Poland in 1946, this shameful decision was reversed in 1971, and he received full rehabilitation and an apology from the Prime Minister of Poland in 1990.

He died as an honorary citizen of the Netherlands he liberated, awarded the highest decorations from Poland, France, Belgium, the Netherlands and Great Britain.

The hero requires commemoration in a way associated with his historical mission, which was the development of Polish armor.

Therefore, we chose the classic Tank 7TP model as the design basis for the new model in his memory.

A case with an uncompromising line reminiscent of military watches of the era, with shapes reminiscent of the contours of the hull. At the same time, it is light, perfectly profiled, with structurally curved ears that give it elegance.

It fits perfectly on the wrist.

Classic dial covered with enamel, with convexly printed hour markers and a red "12" in the spirit of the 1920s and 1930s.

Diamond-cut hands, blue-plated and filled with luminous material for increased legibility.


40mm case

Sapphire glass

Water resistance 100m

Automatic mechanism, power reserve 40+h, self-winding, with stop-seconds.

Strap size 22 mm

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